2021 Mercedes-Benz E-class to Feature an Innovative Capacitive Steering Wheel

Bijgewerkt: 7 jul 2020

Written by Daniel Andzhurov – May 21, 2020

The new E-class will come with well-known but refined design features in both its exterior and its interior. The one aspect of the 2021 sedan’s design which grabbed our attention was the all-new style of steering wheel.

Now, smart steering wheels do not seem to be something totally new to the automotive industry. The primary step towards the fashionable trends around steering wheels began 120 years ago, when Mercedes-Benz went from steering rod to wheel. Then, in 1974, Lincoln Motors introduced rocker switches on the wheel of the Continental and Continental Mark IV for cruise controlling.

Nowadays, vehicles feature touch-sensitivebuttons and hands-off detection as a few of their options. Mercedes, on the opposite hand, is to be the first automobile company within the industry to introduce a brand-new generation of digitalized capacitive steering wheels in its E-class models of 2021.

It incorporates a two-zone sensor mat which can detect if the driver is holding the wheel or not. That will provide information for the assistance system to help it know when the vehicle is under control. Also, the Touch Control buttons will work capacitively, which suggests that no pressing pressure is needed for them to work.

Auto Trendy’s take:

We bet that this feature will be extremely entertaining for the driver to use as it will feel more futuristic and interactive. However, it is important not to forget that this automatically means more complexity in the design and therefore more expensive to produce and maintain. The additional design and production costs for this very innovative steering wheel will eventually increase the total price of the vehicle. Thus, we think that if it is offered as an optional extra, it will help Mercedes keep its image as a great innovator and, at the same time, it will make its customers happy with a wider range of options.

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